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E-mail From Sakura(TS novel)

written by AMU-AI

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: Who are you?
E-mail messages intended for me without a subject name: and the text arrived. Who are you? My name is Sakura. I'm sorry when they are some mistakes.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: RE> Who are you?
Hello. My name is Hiroshi Watanabe. I don’t know why. I am a college student at the age of 20 . I live in Ueno.Are there any ideas about it?

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE>RE> Who are you?
You live in my neighborhood. But I do not know the man called Mr. Watanabe. Is it strange? Because you are a man, I am perplexed. I have been grown up in the environment closed to boys all the time. Therefore, I have not gotten mail from a man until now. Although my occupation is a maid, I seldom meet young people. Therefore, I am now excited just for a moment. I appreciate that you sent mail.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: WOW! Are you a maid?
Since there is not such a woman close, I am very interested in you. What work do you do usually?

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: Re>WOW! Are you a maid?
It is my work to be carried out every dirty aggressiveness and dirty command by my master. Oh,it is a joke. My work is cleaning up or making tea. Since I am unexciting, I am passing tedious every day. I send the photograph taken together with the coworker to you. I am in the 3rd from the right of the foremost sequence. Does Mr. Watanabe like a maid?

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Many maids !!
What an uncanny splendid mansion is that? As for you, a maid's costume matches very well. I run for your sweetheart. It is said that all my friends have very dear you.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name:RE> Many maids !!
Did you show the friend that photograph? I am shameful. That you ran for the sweetheart pleases me. I was glad though it was a joke. But although I am calm if it is mail, I think that a man is fearful somehow.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: It is not the joke which I said.
I send my photograph. If I am so masculine, I think that there is no problem. How is it? If good, please meet me! Thank you for your consideration!

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> It is not the joke which I said
As for me, mailing with you is very pleasant. I have a favorable impression in you. However, it is difficult. I am impossible for it. I also think it is not good that I think so. I think that I should conquer it.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Let’s start with me!
If you also think that you need to do your best, let’s start with me! I also cooperate in you as much as possible!

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> Let’s start with me!
Thank you. You are the kindest man I have ever known. Can you cooperate truly?

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: It is natural!
Please tell me anything!Let's conquer together!

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> It is natural.
It is very much hard to say it. Only when meeting first, may you disguise yourself as a woman? Is it possible?

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Do I disguise myself as a woman?
Because I live alone, I don’t have any ladies' dress. And I don’t know how to do it.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> Do I disguise myself as a woman?
I also thought so. I’m sorry. I expected that my wish was heard, because you are very kind. I'm sorry. I live alone throughout life. Good bye.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name:I have never said that I will not do so.
I do not learn how to do it. Do you have other methods ? For example, if it is carrying out a double date or carrying out relations of two or more pair plurality, how is it?

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> I have never said that I will not do so.
The way has appeared in Home Page of TS.COM in detail. Since you have a feminine face, I think that your disguise as a woman matches well. You should have a hairpiece of K-347, the clothes of S-203, and the cosmetics set of F125. I append the imagination figure which carried out by CG composition. I think that you become dear very. I ask of you! Only once is required! It will help me.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Only once truly!
I placed an order for them using TS.COM. They are delivered by the day after tomorrow. Let's wait at the Ueno station at 13 o’clock next Friday. And we will date. I do not know whether I can become so dear truly.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name:Great!
I am very glad ,I am looking forward to it.I will be dressed up and will go to date.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Dressing up
I hope that you will come by maid dress.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: It is RE> Dressing up

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: I waited as long as 2 hours.
Why didn't you come to the date? I was very shameful! I am angry just for a moment.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: I'm sorry.
I went to immediately near at that time. However, I was never able to have courage. true -- I'm sorry. I forgot about bazooms. I fear the man without bazooms. I'm sorry. Have I said the strange thing? However, I cannot control myself. It is a wish! Supposing you have the bazooms of B-92 attached, I will think that I can do my best next!
The sweets which I made by separate post in an apology are sent to you. Please eat them. It is pardon truly.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: I ate sweets deliciously.
Since you were acting as the maid, I thought it your favorite to make sweets. I am not so much angry in fact. As for me, at that time, it was pleasant that men spoke to me.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> I ate sweets deliciously.
I put love and made them. I also made sweets today. I send them to you again. By the way, let's consider our date.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: B-92 reached me.
Your sweets are my glad. Those sweets contain the somewhat bitter ingredient. I thought they are for adults. B-92 is made very precisely and I thought that I was uncanny. It stuck to my breast. When done so, I was feeling as if I became a girl truly. I go to sleep, attaching this today, as written to a manual.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: Good night
I will go to you to meet in a dream today. I also made sweets today for you. Please eat them.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: RE>Good night
I ate sweets deliciously. By the way, I cannot remove B-92 from the body. And I think that the method of removing it has not appeared in the manual, either. Don't you know some about it?

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> RE>Good night
I think that the problem is solvable by rubbing it. It should be solved when you massage your bazooms on either side by 100 times. By the way, I send you some sweats.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: I did it, but can’t remove.
I am in trouble. I appreciate your sweets.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: Trouble?
Tough! Did you do masturbation when you massage your bazooms?

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: What?
I did it. Was it fault?

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: You've got to be kidding?
Please buy the cream of C-34 urgently! And please apply it to whole the body! The rest is troubleshooting of TS.COM. When troubled, you should look at the item of the autosuggestion for having confidence.! I send the sweets for 2 week to you. You must eat them little by little every day.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Hello!
I knew that B-92 doesn’t have any detrimental ingredient. There is no problem, since it assimilates to my breast soon. I did not need to be surprised. By the way, I think that I want to show you early my body which became very beautiful. Let’s date with me! I am sure that you will be surprised.B-92 are favorable, and my new nipples also came to feel pleasure.

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: Date?
I am pleasure about it. How long is your pennies now? Since my master is absence, do you come for play to our mansion on Sunday of next week? How about teatime with me?

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: RE>Date?
It is about 2cm now. The cream of TS.COM is well effective. When I apply it, it is very pleasant. Am I invited to your mansion? Then, I should also have maid dress on and should go. How about the costume of M-237 which I regard as fitting me?

FROM: Sakura   Subject name: RE> RE>Date?
I think M-237 are very good. I am looking forward to the date on Sunday.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Please leave me!
I am going to be absorbed in my makeup variously!

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Where are you?
That many maids are here surprises me. I was surprised because everybody is very dear. Of course, they are inferior to you or me. I thought that I could meet you immediately. However, it is regrettable that I was not able to meet you. Where are you? I had the instructor teach about wording and a manner just today. Since I did not know those knowledge until now, they were fresh for me. The result of aptitude inspection was also good. Everybody who was assembled is very tired. It is the time for mail now. Everybody is mailing silently. What does everybody write?

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: Are you OK?
Always, although you gave the reply immediately, since this response is late, I am worried about you. Since metaphor midnight had also obtained the reply after 2 minutes exactly until now, I fear whether you are sick. I learned about the method of touching to my master today. They were fairly hard. But since it is for the important my master, I must do my best firmly. I wish to serve my master together with you.

FROM: Watanabe   Subject name: :I'm sorry.
My master said "You must stop mailling" to me. Therefore, this is the last mail, regrettably. I liked you very much. However, present I have my master instead. Yes, my master is the very greater one. I met him today. I regarded him as appearance being bad at first. However, it was thought on my body that electricity ran at the moment of "This man is your master" being said by my instructor. Yes. It was my fate. I am excited very much only by my imagining that my master carries out a dirty command to me, or carries out sexual castigation. What I have not solved your trouble for is my regret. But since you are very attractive, I think that there is no problem. I consider you had better to carry out approach. Thank you. Good-bye.







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